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5 Critical Components of a Business Website

A man sits at a laptop computer, with several business web pages floating out from the screen beside him.

Websites are a critical asset for any business. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or are a strictly e-commerce brand, a well-designed website drives leads and sales, boosting your revenue.

However, not all websites achieve these goals. You need the right web design in Albuquerque to get the most return on investment for your digital assets.

Working with a professional web designer who understands how to turn a website into a lead-generating tool is a smart move for any business owner who wants to increase their customer base.

Choose a web designer who understands the importance of including these 5 critical components in your business website.

1 – Clear Navigation

People lead busy lives. They don’t have time to click all around on your business website in search of the information they need to complete a transaction.

Businesses that make it difficult to navigate their websites risk losing leads and sales. Clear navigation on a website includes the following features:

  • Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation tool that guides users to valuable information on your website. They help users understand the site structure so they can find their way back to previous pages.
  • Call-to-action buttons suggest specific actions you’d like visitors to your website to take before leaving. You can use them to prompt people to fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, or book an appointment.
  • Functional search bars help users quickly find what they need within your website by entering a search term or series of keywords into the search bar.
  • Limited menu items ensure people won’t be overwhelmed by too many choices and can find what they need quickly. Use descriptive labels that clearly state what information each menu item provides.
The same website for an architect studio displays on a desktop computer screen, a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.
Mobile responsiveness is important for web page design since most people access the internet from their mobile devices these days.

2 – Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is a top priority for any well-designed business website. With more than 90% of consumers accessing the internet from their mobile devices, you need a website design that displays intuitively on smaller screens.

You’ll need a web design professional who can add the following aspects to your business web design in Albuquerque to make it mobile-friendly.

  • Responsive designs have layouts that automatically adjust to fit the screen size of the viewing device. Using a responsive design makes the content easy to read and navigate, without the need to zoom or scroll horizontally.
  • Fast loading times are a must for mobile-friendly websites. If pages, graphics, and other features fail to load quickly, customers can lose patience and take their business elsewhere.
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons are big enough to tap with the finger without accidentally clicking on nearby elements.
  • Optimized images and graphics load quickly and don’t interfere with page loading speed. Compressing images, graphics, and videos ensure they don’t negatively impact the user experience.
  • Easy-to-use navigation menus are optimized for touch screens, easily accessible, and clearly labeled.

3 – Compelling Content

Content is the cornerstone of any business website. Not only do you need compelling descriptions of your products or services on your web pages, but you also must have educational pieces that add value to your target audience.

Articles, blogs, case studies, and white papers are among the preferred types of written content on a website. You can use them to educate your audience about how your product or service can improve their lives by solving specific pain points.

You also can use written content to show off your subject matter expertise in your business or industry. Feature people within your company as expert sources for specific topics to help customers get an inside look at the skilled people behind your brand.

Other forms of content include:

  • Customer testimonials and reviews that offer social proof that your products or services are of high quality.
  • Infographics can present complex information in an easy-to-understand format. They also boost the shareability factor of your content.
  • Interactive content like calculators, quizzes, and surveys engage your website visitors and encourage them to learn more about your brand.
Website branding tools for choosing a logo and color palette lay on a table.
Brand consistency is important for helping customers recognize your business across multiple platforms, including your official website.

4 – Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is the practice of maintaining a recognizable identity and “voice” across all marketing channels. Your business website is a valuable digital marketing tool that must be included in your brand consistency efforts.

All brand elements – colors, logos, messaging, typography – must be consistent and easy to identify on your website.

Brand consistency is important for several reasons:

  • It builds trust and credibility by demonstrating that your business is reliable, professional, and takes pride in its image.
  • It increases brand recognition, making it easier for customers to quickly identify and remember your business by its tone of voice and visual aspects like logos, fonts, and colors.
  • It reinforces brand values by differentiating your business from its competitors.

Make sure you work with a web designer in Albuquerque who understands brand consistency and incorporates website design techniques that embrace the philosophy.

5 – Calls-to-Action

Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) are a must on any business website. They improve the user experience by guiding visitors to your website to a suggested action. CTAs can include prompts to subscribe to a newsletter, book an appointment, or proceed to checkout if the customer has purchased something directly from your site.

CTAs must be clear and concise if you want them to be effective. The whole goal of a CTA is to encourage website visitors to engage with your site.

You’ll want to make sure your CTAs are mobile-friendly since most consumers access the internet from their mobile devices. Responsive CTAs are large enough that visitors can easily click on them without accidentally clicking on other features on the website.

Get a Web Design in Albuquerque That Converts

Are you ready to get a web design in Albuquerque that converts casual visitors to your website into returning customers? BK Design Solutions has the expertise needed to create compelling websites that engage your target audience and generate more leads and sales for your brand.

Give us a call today to schedule your free no-obligation consultation to get started earning more with your website today.

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